PPM: Councilwoman Nahula’s claims false

Male' City councilwoman Nahula Ali. (Photo/Facebook/Nahula Ali)

 Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) states that the allegations by Male’ City councilwoman Nahula Ali’s allegations blaming the party’s leadership were false. 

In a statement in response to comments Nahula made via her Facebook account on Thursday evening, PPM said that the councilwoman, who represents the Vilimale’ constituency, began making false allegations after the party’s disciplinary initiated an investigation against her for misconduct. 

PPM said that the disciplinary committee initiated the investigation after it received evidence Nahula was involved in seeking the party’s rival candidate for the Women’s Development Committee by-election for the Vilimale’ seat, and was involved in anti-campaign against the party’s own candidate. 

The party accused Nahula of using PPM’s leader, former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s name to spread false information and spread uncertainty and strife among party members. 

The party also accused Nahula’s mother Aminath Leela and sister Mariyam Nafha Ali of involvement in her schemes. 

PPM said that the disciplinary committee had also initiated investigations against Leela and Nafha, and that they were being uncooperative. 

In a Facebook post in response to the statement, Nahula denied making any false allegations. 

Nahula accused PPM’s coalition partner, People’s National Congress (PNC)’s deputy leader and Male’ City councilman Ahmed Shujau of threatening to dismiss her from the party, and making it difficult for her to go to work at the council office. She said she filed a complaint regarding Shujau with the party on April 20. 

Nahula said the party’s leadership dismissed the complaint, stating it was a personal issue. 

“I note that this statement was issued with Shujau’s influence,” she said. 

Nahula accused PPM of spreading false information regarding her under Shujau’s influence.  

She said she didn’t care if she had to endure any abuse due to her support for Yameen. 

Nahula had a six-month suspension against her imposed following an investigation for misconduct by PPM’s disciplinary committee lifted in April. 

She was also accused of orchestrating threats against some of her fellow councilors back in July last year – something she denies.