Parliament approves restoration of powers to CSC president

Civil servants seen entering Velana Building; a government office complex located in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Parliament has approved to Civil Service Act, restoring the duties of the President of Civil Service Commission to the original form.

The government bill, sponsored by Maradhoo MP Ibrahim Shareef, was passed with the unanimous vote of 44 at the Parliament on Monday afternoon.

The bill was reviewed by the Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee.

Presenting the report on the committee’s work, Independent Institutions Committee’s Chair, Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam said the provision had been in place before the last amendment to the Civil Service Act, but became overlooked in arranging the order of clauses during the sixth amendment to the Act.

The bill was passed by the floor without any changes.

The bill adds the following to the duties of the CSC President:

  • Providing counsel and instructions necessary to execute the duties of the commission in accordance with an effective policy that can produce desired outcomes
  •  Making decisions regarding the management of the commission such as the agenda for meetings, and the date and time on which meetings will be held
  • Setting an example for adherence to code of conduct for the commission, members of the commission and employees of the commission, and establishing leadership
  • Setting policies for execution and management of various administrative work under counsel of the commission, and taking necessary action to ensure administrative work is carried out in accordance with the policies
  • Presiding over commission meetings and enforcing decisions made by the commission

The amendment establishes that the CSC’s Vice President will take over responsibilities in circumstances whether the President is unable to execute the duties of the position