MP Nazil: Amindhatha ill, must be entitled to some leniency till case's end

South Hithadhoo MP Ibrahim Nazil. (Photo/People's Majlis)

South Hithadhoo MP Ibrahim Nazil, on Monday, has stated that Amindhiye (Amindhatha) – a 59-year-old custodial worker at Sharafudheen School in Addu City who was arrested for the sexual abuse of a six-year-old student in March – is ill and therefore, must be entitled to some leniency.

Speaking at Parliament’s Human Rights and Gender Committee, MP Nazil said that the Committee must probe ways Aminadhatha can receive leniency and facilitate the same to her.

“Amindhatha is ill. Can work on ensuring leniency for Amindhatha such as home confinement till at least, the end of the case,” he had said.

Underscoring that Amindhatha was looking after her sister’s three daughters following her passing – MP Nazil noted of the three nieces alleging police officers had been rude and used foul language whilst questioning them over the case.  

He stressed not having ever thought of Amindhatha as someone who would commit such a crime – and guaranteed that she would have not.

“Yesterday evening also, I had met a person who had been working alongside Dhatha for 25 years. The person, who was very sad, said is sure Amindhatha would not do such a thing,” he added.

MP Nazil said that Amindhatha should be transferred to home confinement similar to those arrested for questioning over the case that were released later on.

He also pointed out the need to clarify whether the child’s medical report had been altered as per the family’s instructions as the first doctor to examine the child had been a relative.

Hithadhoo Court has ordered for Amindhiye to be jailed pending the outcome of her trial. Her family said the victim named her grandfather as her abuser after the court made the decision.

A police spokesperson previously told Sun that the police did not have sufficient evidence to suspect any other individual in the case.

However, the police said it was an open investigation, and that police will take action against additional individuals, if necessary, based on new findings as the investigation develops.