Gan Regional Hospital issue forwarded to Social Affairs Committee for further inquiry

L. Gan Regional Hospital.

Motion which was submitted to the Parliament calling on improving the operations of L. Gan Regional Hospital has been forwarded to Parliament’s Committee on Social Affairs for further inquiry.

The motion on constant decline of the standard of services provided at Gan Regional Hospital by each passing day, despite plans to turn the facility into a tertiary hospital, was submitted to the Parliament by Maavah MP Mohamed Saeed.

Following debate on the motion, a vote was taken on whether to forward the matter to the committee for further inquiry. 18 members voted to forward the matter to the committee – whilst 16 voted against it.

Saeed’s motion read that despite the government’s announcement of plans to develop the hospital up to tertiary standard, the quality of services provided at the hospital has been declining day by day.

The motion also stressed that the decline in the quality of services had led to many cases where patients’ lives have been endangered.

“Because of lack of doctors for health conditions that absolutely requires doctor’s care, lack of laboratory investigation services, lack of maintenance resulting in damage to facilities and building and incompetence in managing staff has caused the quality of services provided by the hospital to decline day by day,” the motion read.

In debating on the motion, some MDP parliamentarians had also expressed concern over the matter and criticized the government. Some members who voted to reject the motion had also criticized the government.

L. Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj had also debated in favor that the operations of the hospital had significantly declined.

“Has now been three months without x-ray services. Over a year without dental care. Six months without a radiologist. So many problems that can be said like this,” he had said.

Siraj said that the issues at the hospital had been brought to the attention of the government on multiple occasions despite which it has not been solved. He added the operations of the hospital had deteriorated to a state worse than before after the current government had assumed power.

Whilst the debate took place in today’s parliament session – Gan MP Mohamed Visam has been absent for the session.

Gan Regional Hospital is a healthcare facility opted for people living on other islands in Laamu Atoll, other than in Gan as well. The hospital’s operations are currently overseen by a board.