MP Siraj: Gan Regional Hospital ruined by incapability of board

MP for Fonadhoo Moosa Siraj. (Photo/Parliament)

Parliamentarian for Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj stated on Tuesday that the standard of services from Gan Regional Hospital dropped and the hospital is “ruined” because of the board.

The MP for Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed has filed a motion at the Parliament stating that despite plans to enhance the hospital to a tertiary one, the standard of services provided is on the decline.

The motion was accepted into Parliament with 20 votes in favour and 11 votes against it.

Notably, the parliamentarian for Gan constituency MP Mohamed Wisam was absent from the voting of this motion.

While debating on the motion MP Siraj said that the standard of the hospital has dropped very low.

“Been three months now without being able to take an x-ray. Been over a year without dental care. Without any scan doctor for six months. There are many things to say like this.”

He noted that despite these issues being brought to the government’s notice on multiple occasions, adequate solutions have not been provided. He added that the situation has declined even further since this government came into power.

Additionally, noting that the biggest change brought by this government was establishing the board and that it became the cause of the hospital's ruin.

“Ruined the hospital by appointing incapable people to the board who are not able to run the place.”

Moreover, he noted that due to the low standard of care provided, the number of people going to seek care has also declined rapidly.

“After this board was established, it has not functioned. Without running the place [hospital], the only this done was distributing jobs to those close to them [board members].

Gan Regional Hospital attracts residents of the nearby smaller islands and is currently being managed by a board.