Over 2,400 tons of goods transported to Addu Harbor for Ramadan

'Bonthi 2' docked at Addu's Hithadhoo Harbor. (Photo/MPL)

Mostly including food products, over 2,400 tons of goods have been transported to Addu Harbor for the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Maldives State Shipping’s (MSS) cargo vessel ‘Bonthi 2’ docked at Hithadhoo harbor with the goods on Sunday.

A total of 2,439.334 tons of goods were transported by the vessel. They included perishable goods, 70.88-ton project cargo and 1,000 cement bags

The shipment includes a total of 8,593 egg cases, 7,950 onion bags and 2,525 potato bags. Other food products include in the shipment are;

  • 340 cabbage bags
  • 348 tomato bags
  • 170 banana bunches
  • 24 pumpkin bags
  • 980 watermelon bags
  • 110 pineapple bags

Hithadhoo Harbor’s Chief Manager Ibrahim Rasheed said that all perishable goods included in the shipment will be completely cleared by the end of today.

He further detailed that the most number of goods that arrived from the shipment belongs to State Trade Organization (STO) and private businesses that are importing goods especially for Ramadan. He added that the cargo vessel can completely be cleared within two days.

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) noted that this shipment contained more goods than on a usual month in light of the increased food imports ahead of Ramadan.