EPA considers protecting Sinamale’ Bridge area frequented by turtles

The turtle that came ashore near Sinamale Bridge on Tuesday, March 15 laid eggs. (Photo/Environment ministry)

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) revealed on Wednesday that they are considering protecting the area near Sinamale’ Bridge frequented by turtles.

On Tuesday night a turtle came ashore to the area and laid eggs.

As soon as the turtle came to the shore, Maldives Police Service closed off the area to the public.

The Minister of State for Environment Ali Salih has publicized pictures showing the turtle after it laid eggs.

The eggs have now been transferred to Kurahuraa, since the waves crashing on the area might damage them.

Additionally, a turtle was seen from the same area in late February as well.

The Director-General of EPA Ibrahim Naeem said to Sun on Wednesday that it is very likely that the turtle that laid eggs was born in Male’. He noted that the species often return to where they are born to lay eggs.

Hence, Naeem said that they have been considering holding discussions with Male’ City Council and the Ministry of Planning to protect the area.

“The area is too small to lay eggs. Waves crash there. So, we are deliberating on holding discussion to determine what could be done.”