Gender Ministry: Election of only two categories in Disability Council postponed

Gender Minister Aishath Mohamed Didi. (Photo/NEOC)

Gender Ministry has stated that only the election of two categories in the Disability Council has been postponed indefinitely.

The Ministry detailed that the election of two categories in the Disability Council that have been postponed are; representative from persons with disabilities and representative parents or guardians of persons with disabilities.

As per the Ministry, the election for these two categories has been delayed upon receiving complaints regarding the current arrangements to cast votes being unable to accommodate everyone who has the right to vote in the election, therefore to find solutions for the matter.

“With reference to these matters, the election of these two categories have been postponed as individuals who have the right to vote may be deprived of that chance – to carry out the work to make better voting arrangements that will easily accommodate everyone that has the right to vote,” the Ministry had said.

Gender Ministry said that voting in the election to elect a representative from non-governmental organizations promoting the rights of persons with disabilities will take place between 9:00am and 11:00am on February 24 at the Ministry.

They further detailed that representatives have already been elected from mental healthcare workers and healthcare workers. The Ministry added that they will disclose the names of candidates who were elected very soon.