‘Savaadheetha Dhathuru’ participants dock at final destination

Participants of the yacht rally, ‘Savaadheetha Dhathuru’ docking at the last destination. (Photo/ MITDC)

Participants of the yacht rally, ‘Savaadheetha Dhathuru’, organized by Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) on Sunday docked at the final destination, Patina Maldives, Fari Islands.

Participants arrived at Fari Maldives on Sunday afternoon and will attend the closing Gala Night to be held in the resort, at night.

Speaking to Sun the President of MITDC Mohamed Raid said that all six yachts that took part in the event completed the full journey.

“The trip went very successfully. From the destinations we planned to go to, only one was missed. That was B.Thulhaadhoo. We could not go due to the COVID-19 situation on the island.”

The voyage was kicked off from the northern-most Maldivian Atoll and concluded at Baa Atoll.

Yachts from the United States, Australia, Ireland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and India took part in the event.

The rally's name ‘Savaadheetha’ comes from Boduthakurufaanu’s rule, titled ‘Siri Savaadheetha Mahaaradhun’.