MITDC signs agreement for world record by handicapped people

Agreement signing ceremony for the world record for handicapped individuals by MITDC and CLAW.

Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) has signed an agreement with an organization targeting to establishing a world record with handicapped individuals. 

 MITDC signed the agreement with Conquer Land, Air, and Water Global Adventures (CLAW).

The organization from India, launched an activity named as “Operation Blue Freedom” last year to establish world records in three different nations. They are India, Maldives, and the UAE. Under the activity, mountain climbing and skydiving as well as scuba diving activities will be held with handicapped individuals. 

The Maldives will be the stage of the scuba diving record, while India will be the location for mountain climbing. The skydiving event will be held in Dubai, UAE. 

MITDC said that the activity will show the world that handicapped individuals are fully capable and skilled people. The scuba diving activity is planned for February 2021. 

Managing Director of MITDC, Mohamed Raaid said that the event will be a further achievement to the series of tourism industry successes for the Maldives. The event is also a very important one targeted for handicapped people and will change the perspective of the world on the Maldivian tourism industry.