Temporary doctor arranged for Kudarikilu due to arrive on island today

Kudarikilu residents lock the island's Health Center in protest over absence of a doctor on January 17, 2021.

A temporary doctor has been arranged for B. Kudarikilu –  the location of an outbreak of diarrhea and vomiting – who will be arriving at the island today.

Kudarikilu Council Vice President Ibrahim Naashidh told Sun that the temporary doctor is due to arrive at the island sometime this evening.

“We have been informed that the doctor is coming from Male’. It is a foreign doctor,” he detailed.

He further noted that the doctor due to arrive at the island today is an individual who has previously worked at Baa Atoll Hospital – adding that no additional information has been disclosed so far.

Subsequent to over a week-long absence of a doctor on the island, residents put a lock on Kudarikilu Health Centre, in protest, on Monday. Naashidh said that the protestors were still waiting at the Health Centre premise.

“Council went and talked to the protestors – following which the Health Centre has now been opened for the provision of services,” he had said.

Sun has been informed that although the doctor for Kudarikilu has arrived in the Maldives today, he or she would only be able to start consulting within two to three days following the completion of PCR testing and other formalities.

Health Ministry has previously stated that the doctor being arranged for Kudarikilu, is one that is most easily available, at the earliest.