Missing tourist’s body recovered from underwater

MNDF Coast Guard search for the 69-year-old British tourist who went missing diving off the coast of ADh. Mandhoo on January 15, 2022. (Photo/MNDF)

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) Coast Guard divers have recovered the body of a tourist who went missing on Saturday. 

The tourist, identified as a 69-year-old British woman, was part of a group of tourists who went diving to a reef near ADh. Mandhoo on the boat ‘Goma’ on Saturday afternoon. 

Location from where a 69-year-old British woman went missing on January 15, 2022. (Photo/MNDF)

According to MNDF, she went into the water at 02:30 pm, and was reported missing less than an hour later, at 03:55 pm. 

MNDF confirmed Coast Guard divers recovered her body from 15 meters underwater at 03:15 pm on Sunday. 

Her body was found following an aerial and marine search by the Coast Guard.