Fuad: EC cannot stop fake form submission

Former EC president Fuad Thowfeeq. He was reappointed to the commission by the administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The chairman of the Elections Commission (EC) on Thursday stated that the commission receives fake forms for member registration from all the political parties, but there was not much they could do to bring a stop to it. 

Speaking at a programme broadcasted by "Sangu TV", Fuad noted that when submitting forms for the initial party registration, would be a staggering number of fake forms. He added that the commission has on previous occasions met and discussed how to prevent this, with party leaders. 

He stressed the fact that there was no exception to this and that all the political parties have been guilty of it. 

Additionally, Fuad noted that although this was a big issue, currently, there was no procedure in place to evaluate and ensure the legitimacy of each and every form received. 

"The responsibility of this lies with individual parties. Every form requires a signature on behalf of that party giving assurance that the information provided in the form is true. There are two other signatures to be filled in as well. "

The EC Chairman went on to say that parties claim that this happens without their knowledge. 

"Parties say that we gain members from all over the country. Those supporters filled the forms. We do not know information regarding that."

Even with no proper protocols in place, Fuad assured that when they receive complaints from individuals, the commission investigates the issue, and removes those who request it from the party register.