Thinadhoo man sentenced to one month in prison for hitting a woman

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City on June 29, 2020. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

GDh. Thinadhoo Magistrate Court has sentenced a man to one month and 24 days in prison for hitting a woman. 

The incident in question took place at approximately 06:30 pm on September 4, outside the FSM petrol shed in Thinadhoo. 

Mohamed Abdulla, from Tailor in Thinadhoo, was charged with assault in connection to the case. 

Mohamed was accused of arguing with a woman outside the petrol shed, and hitting her on her left ear, resulting in facial injuries. 

The state submitted a medico-legal report as evidence against him. 

Mohamed pled guilty to the charge. 

Though Mohamed had faced a two-month and 12-day prison sentence for the charge, the sentence was reduced to a one-month and 24-day sentence in light of his confession. 

The Thinadhoo Magistrate Court issued its sentence on November 28. 

Mohamed had requested for his prison sentence to be converted to a MVR 10,800 fine – the alternate penalty for the charge. 

He presented documents to the court to prove his financial ability to pay the fine. 

However, the court denied his request.  

The court said it decided to issue a prison sentence instead of a fine in order to discourage others from engaging in such acts, and because the court did not believe a fine would be a sufficient punishment to make him realize his crime. 

The court said in its ruling that women were entitled to respect and protection in Maldivian society.