MP Saeed: Pollution abatement budgeted for personal gain

Maavah MP Mohamed Saeed. (Photo/People's Majlis)

People's National Congress' (PNC) member, Maavah MP Mohamed Saeed has criticized the allocation of pollution abatement in the government proposed budget for next year.

Debating on the budget at today’s parliamentary session, MP Saeed said that Maldives is not visible on the world map unless one zooms in.

Noting that MVR 17 million has been allotted in the proposed budgets for this year and next year for pollution abatement – MP Saeed had questioned which harmful gases are emitted to the atmosphere by the Maldives.

“Whilst world major powers struggle to succeed in the climate war –  some senior officials from MDP are environmentalists for the purpose of garnering respect and promoting themselves by traveling to foreign countries, taking along whoever they wish,” he had said.

MP Saeed said that the allocations for pollution abatement are sufficient to establish streetlights at three islands in his constituency. He also repeatedly stressed that there is no point in Maldives trying to combat the emissions of harmful gases.

“There is no point of Maldives trying to stop the emission of harmful gases. Respected Speaker, China, USA and India. India is nearby here. Why don’t we stop the emission of harmful gases by them?” he had said.

MP Saeed also criticized the taxation to be introduced next year plastic bags. On this note, he said that the tax was proposed to ‘rob the pockets of the people’.