Two injured in road accident in Addu transferred to IGMH

Addu City link road. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Two people injured in a road accident in Maradhoo-Feydhoo district of Addu City have been transferred to Male’ City for further treatment. 

The accident took place on the main road of Maradhoo-Feydhoo at approximately 08:00 pm on Monday, October 25, and involved a speeding motorcycle which crashed into a bicycle. 

The person driving the motorcycle has been identified by police as a 20-year-old Maldivian male, while the person riding the bicycle has been identified as a 76-year-old Maldivian male. 

Both sustained injuries in the accident, and were initially treated at the Addu Equatorial Hospital. 

A police spokesperson said that the 76-year-old was transferred to Male’ City on Tuesday, and the 20-year-old was transferred to Male’ on Wednesday for further treatment. 

Both of them are being treated at the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).