Mahmood’s Murder: Arrested migrant worker attended his funeral

Saalim, the migrant worker arrested in connection to Mahmood Aboobakuru's murder captured during his funeral. (Photo/A reader)

Saalim, the migrant worker who was arrested under suspicion of the murder of local businessman – Mahmood Aboobakuru – at ADh. Dhangethi, has been revealed to have attended Mahmood’s funeral, even performing the funeral prayer.

Mahmood was found murdered during a search for him – after having been declared missing. He was last seen alive last Wednesday night. Dhangethi residents commenced an island-wide search at 10:00 am on Thursday morning. His body was discovered during the search at around 15:15 in the afternoon – inside a water well at an abandoned house; bound and stuffed inside a sack. Multiple stab wounds were also evident in his body.

His funeral was held on Friday – which saw the participation of the whole of the Dhangethi.

Sun has received pictures from Mahmood's funeral, which shows Saalim amongst the people forming the congregation inside the mosque to perform the funeral prayer.

Saalim, the migrant worker arrested in connection to Mahmood Aboobakuru's murder captured during his funeral. (Photo/A reader)

Dhangethi Council Vice President Imran Ahmed has confirmed to Sun that the man identified in the pictures is Saalim.

Dhangethi residents who had spoken to Sun before have noted that Saalim is a regular at the mosque, performing the daily five prayers every day.

Saalim was arrested on Saturday, after the Police conducted a search at Nedhunge - where he works as a live-in caregiver for an elderly man. Nedhunge is located behind Bilehge, the abandoned house at which Mahmood’s body was found. There apart by a distance of approximately 100 meters.

A Dhangethi resident who spoke to Sun said the Police searched Saalim's residence in response to multiple reports of a suspicious noise being heard from the house on the night Mahmood disappeared.

When presented before the Court – Saalim was remanded in police custody for 15 days, as the investigation against him continues.

On Sunday – Dhangethi residents reported that the Police had taken Saalim to multiple locations today prior to his transfer to Mahibadhoo – including Nedhunge and Bilehge – where he was made to reenact his actions. Following the reenactment – the Police have shifted him to ADh. Mahibadhoo.

Saalim is the first arrest the Police have made in connection to Mahmood’s murder – however, the Police have yet to reveal his connection to the murder.