One seriously injured after speedboat crashes into dinghy

K. Maafushi. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A man out fishing in the K. Maafushi lagoon sustained serious injuries on Friday after a speedboat crashed into the dinghy he was on. 

Maafushi Council’s president Hassan Solah told Sun the man was transported to Male’ City on emergency. He is being treated at the ADK Hospital. 

Solah said the accident took place at approximately 09:20 pm on Friday. 

The man who carried the injured man to land told Sun that he had been in the jetty to see off a group of tourists when he heard the sound of the crash. 

He rushed to the scene on a speedboat. 

“He was on the dinghy fishing when the speedboat crashed into it from the back. He fell into the water,” said the man involved in the rescue, citing the account by the captain of the speedboat involved in the accident. 

He said that the man on the dinghy sustained serious injuries in the accident. 

He said that his teeth were “gone”, and that he was coughing up blood and had difficulty breathing. 

“He was seriously injured. All his teeth were gone. He was coughing up blood. When we laid him on his side, he was coughing up blood and water. And he kept saying he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t breathe,” he said.