28 islands open for vaccinated travelers without PCR test

People travel out of Male' City ahead of the Eid al-Adha holidays on July 16, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Ministry has released a list of residential islands open for visits by fully vaccinated travelers without being subject to mandatory PCR tests. 

The list has 28 residential islands outside the greater Male’ area. They are: 

  • HA. Uligan 
  • HA. Muraidhoo 
  • HDh. Hirimaradhoo 
  • HDh. Nellaidhoo 
  • R. Maduvvari 
  • R. Meedhoo 
  • R. Alifushi 
  • B. Fehendhoo 
  • B. Fulhadhoo 
  • B. Dhonfan 
  • B. Kihaadhoo 
  • B. Eydhafushi 
  • B. Maalhos  
  • B. Kamadhoo 
  • AA. Mathiveri 
  • ADh. Dhigurah 
  • ADh. Fenfushi 
  • ADh. Dhidhoo 
  • V. Rakeedhoo 
  • V. Felidhoo 
  • V. Keyodhoo 
  • V. Fulidhoo 
  • F. Magoodhoo 
  • F. Dharanboodhoo 
  • F. Feeali 
  • L. Hithadhoo 
  • GA. Dhevvadhoo 
  • GDh. Rathafandhoo 

Health Ministry said that fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed to travel to residential islands if weekly positivity rate in the respective islands are below 5 percent, along with the vaccine coverage in the respective islands. 

The vaccine coverage requirements are that 90 percent of the eligible population above the age of 12 years are fully vaccinated, 90 percent of the eligible population above the age of 65 years are fully vaccinated, and 95 percent of guesthouse workers and workers involved in serving tourists are fully vaccinated. 

For a person to be considered fully vaccinated – it must be at least 14 days after he/she received their second vaccine dose.