Health Minister: Our advice still is to not stop wearing masks

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem.

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem has stated that one of the biggest precautionary steps against COVID-19 that the health authorities would still urge the public to take is wearing masks.

Speaking to Sun regarding the ongoing COVID-19 recovery efforts, Minister Naseem stressed that the disease continues to spread across different areas in the Maldives.

“Still the disease continues to spread in the Male’ area, as well as in the atolls. We would never recommend stopping wearing masks yet. My advice for everyone is to continue wearing masks – as it is a great assurance of protection,” he had said.

In addition to this, Minister Naseem also stated that the authorities will continue to take action against those who fail to wear masks in the public.

“What an easy thing it is, to wear a mask. It is not something that is so difficult. Our biggest advice is to wear masks. We have not permitted to not wear masks in any areas of the Maldives. Even if vaccinated, please wear your masks,” he had said.

Speaking further, Minister Naseem highlighted vaccination as the most prioritized amongst the ongoing COVID-19 recovery efforts. In line with this, he had urged those who are unvaccinated to complete the recommended doses of the vaccine at the earliest.

“Our advice is for everyone to get vaccinated. The solution here is being immunized,” he has said.

Minister Naseem also noted that Maldives has succeeded in controlling the COVID-19 situation to the current level through collaborative efforts by healthcare professionals, the government, and the public. He also appealed for continued cooperation from the public in the future.