Cochin ferry to be used to import cargo from Sri Lanka

The Cochin ferry, MV MCP Linz.

India has granted permission for use of the Cochin ferry to transport cargo from Sri Lanka to Maldives. 

Maldives State Shipping (MSS)’s Managing Director Abdulla Saeed told Sun on Thursday that the Cochin ferry left Maldives on its maiden voyage on the Lanka route on Wednesday night. 

“The Cochin ferry will reach Lanka around 6th or 7th of this month. And the ferry will reach India on the 8th,” said Saeed. 

Saeed said that with the change to the route, the Cochin ferry will hereafter make a stop at Colombo before travelling to India. 

He said the change will produce indirect benefits for Maldivian business operators. 

“Business operators will benefit from the Cochin ferry travelling the Colombo route, at a time when ships coming from the route have decreased,” he said. 

“It will solve service disruptions and issues such as shipments getting stuck in Colombo.” 

MSS requested the Indian government for permission to allow the Cochin ferry to be used to transport cargo from Sri Lanka through the Indian High Commission in Male’ back in June. 

Saeed thanked the Indian High Commissioner Sunjay Sudhir for his support in securing permission from the Indian government.