Online voter re-registration opens for WDC by-elections in 5 islands

Voters wait in queue to re-register for an election on March 2, 2019. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Muzain Nazim)

Elections Commission has opened online voter re-registration for Women’s Development Committee by-elections in five electoral districts.

WDC members have yet to be elected in 10 districts. Elections Commission has announced online voter re-registration is now open for by-elections in five of the districts; HDh. Nolhivaram, K. Dhiffushi, AA. Feridhoo, R. Kendhikulhudhoo, and N. Magoodhoo.

 Elections Commission spokesperson Fuad Thaufeeq told Sun that voters who wish to re-register in polling stations in a different location than they originally registered for in the April elections can apply for re-registration online starting this Thursday.

It marks the first time for Elections Commission to allow online voter re-registration.

Voters can re-register through the online portal set up by Elections Commission.

“Voters will need to submit a copy of an unexpired official identification document they will use to vote when submitting their re-registration form through the portal. However, the [Department of] National Registration has informed EC that the expiry date of ID cards have been extended to August 31. Therefore, we will also accept expired ID cards,” said Fuad.

The deadline for re-registration is July 26.

Fuad said the Elections Commission is working on facilitating online registration in all major elections in the future.