Ahmed Zahir elected as President of Editors Guild of Maldives

Ahmed Zahir (Hiriga). (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Chief Editor of Sun Online Ahmed Zahir (Hiriga) has been elected President of the Editors Guild of the Maldives. 

The Editors Guild is an organization comprising of editors of Maldivian news media outlets. Zahir was elected President of the organization, in a virtual election of the Steering Committee of the organization. 

Alongside Zahir, seven other members were also elected to different posts for a three-year term. Zahir, who was a leading figure in founding the Editors Guild was elected as President after no other member expressed their intention to run against him. A referendum was held for the post, where Zahir was supported by all members in attendance. 

Two members were elected as Vice Presidents. Nine members in attendance supported the nomination of One Online Chief Editor Sinan Ali as the Vice President (Administrative). Nine members also voted for the nomination of  The Press Editor Ali Shammaan as Vice President (Academic). 

Other elected posts

  • Secretary-General: Ismail Naseer, Managing Editor, Mihaaru
  • Treasurer: Midhuhath Adam, Editor, Ras Online
  • Ibrahim Umar Manik, representing retired journalists
  • Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) representing retired journalists

Ahmed Zahir, the newly elected President, had served as the first President of the Editors Guild as well. He resigned from the post of the Chief Editor of Sun Online three days ago after serving ten years. and had previously served as the Managing Editor of Haveeru News as well.

Zahir is a decorated figure in the media industry of the Maldives, having won the distinguished Diamond Pen of Journalism award in the Maldives. He has always been a standout vocal advocate of free and independent media in the Maldives. Zahir is also one of the founding members and the first President of the Maldives Journalist Association (MJA). 

The Editors Guild is formed of editors and senior figures of Maldivian media who have served for more than ten years in the industry.