US supplies Maldives with medical equipment for COVID-19

US-supplied medical equipment in the Maldives.

Emergency medical aid supplied by the United States of America to the Maldives has been handed over to the Maldivian authorities. 

A charter flight carrying the medical supplies arrived in the Maldives earlier today. The supplies include pulse oximeters, goggles, gloves, and KN-95 masks as well. 

The US Embassy in Sri Lanka's Chargé d'affaires Martin Kelly during the hand over said that the US was committed to supplying the Maldives with the necessary medical supply during this time. 

He also added that the equipment supplied today would assist front-line workers in the Maldives to better assist people with serious cases of the disease. 

The US government has so far provided the Maldives with more than USD 2.75 million in aid through the USAID. In addition to this, the US has provided the Maldives with 60 ventilators and even provided technical training to Maldivian doctors and nurses.