Kulhudhuffushi kidnapping victim remains in critical condition

Ahmed Ibrahim, 29, Raihfusge, HDh. Kulhudhuffushi: He sustained severe head trauma after he was kidnapped and beaten by a group of masked assailants on May 29, 2021.

The family reports the young man who was kidnapped and beaten in HDh. Kulhudhuffushi sustained severe head trauma, and remains on life support.

Ahmed Ibrahim, 29, Raihfusge, Kulhudhuffushi, was kidnapped by a group of masked assailants who forced him into a car and assaulted him on Saturday, May 29.

His father, Ibrahim Hussain told Sun on Monday that Ahmed underwent a surgery to treat his head injury at the ADK Hospital, but that he suffered severe head trauma and continues to be treated on a ventilator.

Ibrahim said the family is unaware as to the reason for the attack, or the identities of the assailants

He said that Ahmed was conscious when carried to his home after he was found covered in blood, and told the police he knew the identity of one of the assailants.

“He told the police he knew one of them. He said there were eight people. That he knows one of the eight people. We don’t know who that person is. They didn’t tell us,” said Ibrahim.

He said that Ahmed was at a house with a group of his friends, when someone called out his name from the doorway.  He went out upon hearing his name, and was dragged to a waiting car.

“His friends informed us after he was forced into the car. They called and said he was taken away in a car, and asked if we heard from him or if he came back home. I told them he hadn’t,” said Ibrahim.

He said that Ahmed was thrown to the ground after he was severely beaten, and was drenched in flood when carried home on a motorcycle.

He said that Ahmed “wasn’t in his right mind” at the time.

The police have yet to make any arrests in connection to the case.

Ibrahim said that there are multiple CCTV cameras in the city, and believes the police can identify the assailants if they conduct an effective investigation.

“The day before [the attack], he informed the police two times that he was being harassed and threatened by a group of people,” said Ibrahim.

While the family states threats against Ahmed were reported twice prior to the attack, police said they have no record of such a report.