Duration of IAC’s aid campaign for Palestinians extended to June 5

International Aid Campaign (IAC) Maldives distributes food to displaced Palestinians in Gaza on May 20, 2021. (Photo/IAC)

International Aid Campaign (IAC) Maldives has extended the duration of its campaign “Loaibbaa Eku 2021” to provide emergency relief to Palestinians.

The name of the campaign translated to “With Love 2021”. The campaign raises funds to provide food and other assistance to displaced Palestinians amid the current conflict.

The campaign was previously scheduled to run until the end of the sixth of the month of Shawwal, but has now been extended to until June 5th at the request of a large number of donors.

“We extended the duration as we have been receiving numerous calls from NGOs, small and large businesses, as well as private citizens who wish to assist Palestinians, with the intention of providing this opportunity to as many people as possible,” said IAC.

Donations to IAC’s “Loaibbaa Eku 2021” campaign can be made to Bank of Maldives Islamic account number 7770000026259 (MVR account).

Additional information can be obtained by calling IAC’s hotline 9122121.

IAC has been distributing hot meals and food packages to hundreds of displaced Palestinians in Gaza through their partner NGOs and volunteers.

Funds raised from the campaign have also been distributed in cash to 90 families in Gaza through three of IAC’s partners at the rate of USD 100 to each family.

IAC also supplied fuel to Al-Shifa Hospital which was facing power disruptions as they treat scores of people wounded in continuous bombings by Israeli forces.