Maldives COVID-19 death toll rises to 81

The popular local tourism island of K. Maafushi.

The number of COVID-19 related in the Maldives has increased to 81. 

Health Protection Agency (HPA) today stated that a 37-year old Bangladeshi national in the island of K. Maafushi had died due to the virus. 

The Maldives recorded six deaths related to the virus yesterday alone. They include three deaths from the capital Male’ City, two from Lh. Naifaru and one from AA. Rasdhoo.

The number of cases confirmed in the city on a daily basis has also skyrocketed as of recently with more than 700 cases confirmed last night alone. They include an excess of 500 cases from the capital area. 

Five islands in the nation are under curfew as a result of the case surge. They are AA. Ukulhas, K. Maafushi, Lh. Naifaru, B. Eydhafushi as well as Male’ City. 

As the Maldives faces a fourth wave of the virus, hospital capacity in the nation is at its limit. A shortage of health workers are also faced by the nation. 

Active cases in the Maldives are currently calculated at 7,607. 203 of these patients are hospitalized. The total number of cases are calculated at 33,368, with recoveries at 25,675.