Addu City, Dhidhdhoo placed under monitoring

Hithadhoo, Addu City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) placed Addu City under monitoring on Saturday, banning all travel in and out of the southern city, in response to a COVID-19 case.

The decision to place Addu City under monitoring comes after an individual who went to a flu clinic in the Hithadhoo district tested positive for COVID-19. The individual in question has direct contacts in other districts of the city.

Travel in and out of the city has been temporarily banned as health authorities conduct contact tracing.

The decision to place the entire Addu City under monitoring comes with the Hulhumeedhoo district under monitoring in response to a COVID-19 case since April 29.


Meanwhile, an individual who consulted with a doctor in HA. Dhidhdhoo has also tested positive for COVID-19, prompting HPA to place the island under monitoring.

HA. Dhidhdhoo.

Dhidhdhoo councilor Moosa Latheef told Sun the individual in question developed flu symptoms, and consulted with a doctor on Friday.

The test results came back positive this Saturday.

“The individual in question is young. Has no recent travel history to Male’,” he said.

Maldives has experienced a surge in COVID-19 infections in recent weeks – both in the capital and in residential islands outside the capital. 465 new cases were recorded on Friday alone – the highest single-day spike the country has recorded to date.

Maldives has 4,978 active cases. 146 patients are hospitalized.

22 residential islands outside the greater Male’ region are under monitoring.