DDCOM issues cold statement on 4-year mark of Yaamin's murder

Murdered blogger Yaamin Rasheed: Yaamin had campaigned for freedom of thought and speech in the Maldives.

On the four-year mark since the death of blogger Yaamin Rasheed, the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCOM) has issued a cold statement highlighting that the Commission was still doing all it can to find Yaamin's murderers.

Yaamin was murdered on this day four years ago in one of the most brutal killings the Maldives has ever seen. The DDCOM formed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was granted a lot of powers to find the killers behind such murders. The Commission today, issued a seven-line statement where it read they took part in the deep sorrow and sadness of Yaamin's family during this time.

The DDCOM stated that it was monitoring the proceedings of the trial in the case which has not reached a sentence as of yet. The DDCOM statement did not include any details regarding the developments of the investigation but just that the Commission wished to conclude the trial as soon as possible and attain justice for the murder of Yaamin. 

Six people are charged for the murder and delays have been observed in hearings as of recently. Those who are charged are Ismail Haisham Rasheed from H. Annaarumaage, Ahmed Zihaan Ismail from M. Iraamiskuge, and Mohamed Dhifraan from Sindhubaadhuge, G.Dh. Gadhdhoo, Hassan Shifaz from M. Kudhehige, Ismail Rasheed from M. Thaaif and Hussain Ziyaadh from East, M Kolhufushi.

A hearing of the case was last held on March 7 where the court saw a video of the murder taking place inside M. Spatula, Yaamin's residence on the night.

Police and the DDCOM have both stated previously that Yaamin was murdered due to a difference of ideology that saw him come into conflict with religious fanatics and extremists who were behind his murder. He was killed after being stabbed more than 40 times.