Naaila Ibrahim Kaleyfaan passes away

Naaila Ibrahim Kaleyfaan. (Photo/Facebook/Fazu Ahmed)

Long time teacher at Ameeniya School and wife of Islamic University of Maldives’s first chancellor Dr. Mohamed Zahir Hussain, Naaila Ibrahim Kaleyfaanu (Naaila Miss) has passed away.

Naaila passed away on Saturday morning at the ADK Hospital in Male’ City.

Naaila served over 25 years at the Ameeniya School, during which time she was affectionately named ‘Naaila Miss’.

Naaila completed her education in Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

In addition to her service to the education sector, Naaila is also known for authoring the ‘Zeenaar’ recipe book.

She is survived by her husband and three children - Lubna Zahir Hussain, Leena Zahir Hussain and Vaail Zahir Hussain.

Naaila is the daughter of former renowned businessman  Dhidhoo Ibrahim Kaleyfaan (DIK), and sister of former Defense Minister Tholath Ibrahim Kaleyfaan and Maldives Monetary Authority governor Ali Hashim.