Tourism workers can travel home after vaccine completion

Photo shows employees at a resort near a jetty. (Photo/Masraah Naseem/ UNDP Maldives)

The Tourism Ministry of the Maldives has stated that resort workers will be allowed to travel to their residential islands after two weeks of completing both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Easements have been announced by the health authorities for the travel restrictions in place across the nation, which will come into effect on April 20. 


The Tourism Ministry, citing the directive by the health authorities last night stated that workers of the industry in resorts will be permitted to travel 14 days after the administration of the second dose of the vaccine.  The Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom hailed the easements before thanking the hard work of resort workers. A large percentage of resort workers in the Maldives have received vaccinations against COVID-19. 

A directive issued by the HPA last night and signed by the Director-General of Public Health Maimoona Aboobakuru, read that quarantine was now no longer mandatory if the destination is an island where more than 60 percent of the entire eligible population had received vaccines against COVID-19. \

The directive also read that individuals who had received both doses of the vaccine can travel without quarantine after two weeks of receiving the second dose to islands where the percentage of vaccinations is above 60 percent. Furthermore, the directive read that a negative PCR test result was only required if the percentage of positive cases was above five from the island where the individual is traveling from.