Mayoral candidate gets less votes than invalid votes

Alhan Fahmy. (File Photo/Sun)

Statistics of the Election Commission (EC) have shown that a candidate in the local council elections held on April 10, Alhan Fahmy got fewer votes than the number of invalid votes from casters in the constituency he was contesting. 

Alhan contested for the mayor race of Male’ City, which was won by former Housing Minister and opposition candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu by a landslide. A total of 51,702 people were eligible to vote for the mayoral race of Male’ City, however, voter turnout was observed at an all-time low with just 21,091 people voting. Valid votes were counted at 20,116. 

Alhan, who is not a new name in politics, contested for the seat as an independent candidate and got just 275 votes. This is just 1.37 percent of the total votes. The number of invalid votes, were, however, counted at 970, which is more than three times the amount Alhan received. 

Tweeting regarding the results, Alhan said that it was obvious that small party candidates did not enjoy support among the public.

Alhan joined the Jumhooree Party (JP) in November of 2018, before leaving the party for the council elections. He had previously also served as the deputy leader of MDP and even served as the parliament member for the Feydhoo constituency. 

Dr. Muizzu, who won the race currently has 61.85 percent of the votes with Anas Abdul Sattar, the MDP candidate gaining 36.79 percent of the votes.