EC: 120 candidates automatically elected for upcoming LCE/WDC elections

Elections Commission chairman Ahmed Shareef.

The Elections Commission of the Maldives has announced that 120 candidates contesting in the upcoming Local Council Elections (LCE) and the Women's Development Committee (WDC) has been elected after 308 candidates withdrew their names from the election.

The date for candidates to withdraw their names was announced on June 23, 2020, and expired on February 11, 2021. A total of 308 withdrew their names and some candidates were disqualified from running, which meant that a number of candidates were automatically elected. 

28 contesting in seven constituencies of the WDC had been elected 15 councilors were also elected for ten positions in the LCE. Due to a lack of contestants, 62 candidates of the WDC were also guaranteed of being elected while 30 candidates were also guaranteed of being elected to 22 seats up for election in the LCE. A total of 120 were automatically elected in this manner. 

The elections are scheduled for April 10 which will see 3,934 candidates contest. This includes 2,264 candidates for the LCE and 1,670 candidates for the WDC. 

Elections were also required in seven different constituencies of the WDC according to the Commission due to no candidates contesting for the seat.

The EC estimates that 735 polling stations are required for the elections. This includes polling stations in resorts as well.