Crossroads becomes Maldives Border Miles’ first partner

Crossroads Maldives.

Crossroads Maldives has signed as the first partner of Maldives Border Miles, a loyalty program launched by Maldives Immigration in collaboration with Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and Tourism Ministry to incentivize repeat visitors.

Enrollment in the Maldives Border Miles program is open to all tourists who visit Maldives. Visitors will acquire points for each border crossing, and additional points for visits to celebrate special occasions.

The visitors enrolled in this program will move through three tiers – Aidha' (bronze), Anthara (silver), and Abaarana (gold) – as they acquire points, which will earn them special benefits and privileges.

Moving up to Aidha’ will require 500 points, Anthara 2,000 points and Abaarana 4,000 points.

Visitors will receive special discounts and exclusive services through Maldives Border Miles’ partners, with the benefits increasing as they move up the tiers.

The opportunity to become partners of Maldives Border Miles is open to all registered tourist establishments and businesses.