Ex-VP Adeeb moves to Amin Avenue flat in Hulhumale

April 28, 2020: Former VP Ahmed Adeeb. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Vice President of the Maldives Ahmed Adeeb who is serving his sentence after being found guilty for his role in the MMPRC scandal has moved to a flat of the Amin Avenue Residence in Hulhumale’. 

Adeeb was sentenced to 20 years and fined MVR two million under a guilty plea agreement with the prosecution on October 5. He was moved to house arrest due to the condition of his health. 

Adeeb moved to the flat last week according to sources. Corrections Officers are still on duty at the residence due to him still serving his sentence. 

Adeeb has previously said that he requires a sleep apnea machine to sleep and also is receiving treatment for Glaucoma. 

A total of 30 charges were brought against Adeeb at first which were later retracted. PG Hussain Shameem has previously said that Adeeb could be sentenced to a total of 806 years in prison for over 150 charges. 

While Adeeb was fined with just MVR two million, the MMPRC scandal had cost the state by about MVR 3.3 billion. The reduced sentence had leveled criticism towards the government.