Local movie star, wife arrested for sexually abusing underage boy

Local Movie star Mohamed Yunaan and his wife Fathimath Rihula.

Local movie star Mohamed Yunaan and his wife Fathimath Rihula have been arrested for sexually abusing an underage boy. 

Police arrested them last night. 

Their arrest comes after protests were held near their residence yesterday calling for their arrest. Police said that two individuals aged 30 and 29 were arrested last night. 

Initially, police said that the two had requested for protection due to the protests. 

Reports of two individuals sexually abusing a 15-year old boy were received by police yesterday evening. The investigation is now underway.

Sources have stated that the abuse victim was a close relative of the two.

The Criminal Court today ordered the detention of the two for a period of seven days.

Yunaan is most well known for his role in the local movie "Boss. The pair grabbed headlines when they protested in front of the Presidential Palace a few months ago to get medical assistance for their child.