Hulhumale' Hospital to begin PCR testing for virus

Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) has stated that the Hulhumale' Hospital will be starting PCR tests for COVID-19 starting from today. 

Speaking in a press conference last night, HEOC spokesperson Dr. Nazla said that the authorities were working to start testing for the virus at the Food and Drug Authority within the month as well. 

The current capacity for testing in the Maldives is 1,700 per day. Dr. Nazla also announced the capacity for testing in different regions of the nation. 

  • H.A. Atoll, H. Dh. Atoll, and Sh. Atoll zone: 60 tests per day to be increased to 200.
  • N. Atoll, R. Atoll, B. Atoll, and Lh. Atoll zone: 80 tests per day.
  • Greater Male' Area and K. Atoll, A.A. Atoll, A.Dh. Atoll, and V. Atoll: 1,000-1,300 tests per day.
  • M. Atoll, F. Atoll, Dh. Atoll, Th. Atoll, L. Atoll: 40 tests per day
  • G.A. Atoll and G. Dh. Atoll: 40 tests per day
  • Fuvahmulah and Addu City zone: 60 tests per day.

PCR testing is also conducted in N. Maafaru and Kulhudhuffushi City as well. The testing arrangements in Maafaru were made by a private party. 

Testing arrangements are also to be made in G.A. Villingili, Fuvahmulah City and Lh. Naifaru said Dr. Nazla. The machines to be installed in these islands are obtained through the assistance of the World Health Organization. 

Currently, the Maldives has 45,000 test kits as well as 11,000 gene expert machine cartridges.