Holhumeedhoo added under Holhudhoo’s jurisdiction

N. Holhumeedhoo has been added under the jurisdiction of N. Holhudhoo.

Holhumeedhoo was originally declared a part of Holhudhoo by Atolls Administration Ministry in 2002, during former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s administration; and later in 2013, under presidential decree, during former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik’s administration.

In a presidential decree issued by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday, Holhumeedhoo has been added under Holhudhoo’s jurisdiction once again.

Article 230 (a) of the Constitution declares that administrative divisions of Maldives will be run in accordance with the policy of decentralization, and the Decentralization Act vests the authority to establish the jurisdictions of city councils and island councils of all administrative divisions with the President.

President Solih said in his decree on Thursday that he finds it necessary to make changes to the jurisdictions of city councils and island councils of administrative divisions.

“I hereby revise presidential decree number 2020/3, and decree that, Holhumeedhoo be added under the jurisdiction of Holhudhoo of Southern Miladhunmadulu as stated, under the jurisdictions of city councils and island councils in administrative divisions of Maldives,  in accordance with the Constitution of Maldives and Decentralization Act,” reads the decree.

In response to the presidential decree, Holhudhoo Council president Mohamed Naseer told Sun that the decisions will allow for Holhumeedhoo to be populated as a district of Holhudhoo.

Holhudhoo, which has a population of 2,218, faces a severe shortage of land. Holhumeedhoo, which has been put under the jurisdiction of Holhudhoo, is an island with 28.3 hectors of land.

Following the decision to declare Holhumeedhoo as part of Holhudhoo during Waheed’s administration, Holhudhoo Council has drafted a land use plan for the island in 2014. The council had stated at the time that they had also allocated land to initiate development under the plan.