Bodufinolhu workers without electricity and water

Expatriate workers in B. Bodufinolhu. (Photo/Police)

Workers on the island of B. Bodufinolhu have said that there was no electricity and water supply on the island since yesterday.

The island was the location of violent unrest due to unpaid wages to expatriate workers. The island is being developed as a resort by Seal Maldives who are the developers and RIX Maldives who are the contractors.

The blame for the unpaid wages are being shifted by one company to the other. However, lawyers for the expatriates have lodged a case with the Employment Tribunal against RIX Company over the unpaid wages.

One of the expatriates on the island that spoke with Sun said that there was no one to operate the generators on the island. The generators had been cut since the evening of yesterday. The expatriate said that the generators are operated by Seal Maldives.

“Those from Seal Maldives are not here. There is no one to supply oil to the generator so it keeps stopping.” Said the man.

Water supply has also been cut from the island since 11:00 yesterday and that there was no way to cleanse themselves, said the expatriate who added that difficulties in cooking were also faced due to this. The expatriate added that phone calls to the senior figures of RIX Company regarding this had gone unanswered.

The expatriate added that police officers were still on the island. While there were sick workers on the island, four expatriates that left the island to Thulhaadhoo to obtain food were not permitted to return to the island, said the expatriate.

“When we called, they said that they were in Male’.” Said the expatriate who works for RIX Company.

Labor Relations Authority have previously said that the wage payments of the workers were to be made by RIX Company, which is owned by MP for Milandhoo Ali Riza.