IGMH hails perfect score for COVID-19 testing by WHO

COVID-19 testing underway (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

IGMH's COVID-19 testing has been given a perfect score by the World Health Organization (WHO)'s quality assurance panel.

The hospital tweeted yesterday that it had received results of the samples sent by the WHO as part of the quality assurance program. The correct results determined that the testing quality of the hospital was world-class

WHO Maldives has congratulated the hospital on its achievement and expressed content over the lack of hindrances in providing technical assistance in testing.

While the Maldives did not initially have testing capabilities for COVID-19 when the pandemic began in early 2020, facilities for testing was only established in February. Prior to that, samples collected in the Maldives were sent abroad to countries such as India.

As of currently, the Maldives has testing capabilities in four different ways. Including the testing capabilities in IGMH, testing is also now possible at ADK, police laboratories, and the Addu Equatorial Hospital as well.

The government is working to even further the country's testing capabilities in the future.

So far, the Maldives has collected more than 46,000 samples for testing and maintains a high rate of accuracy. The country currently has 2,277 cases of COVID-19.