Arrangements for teleconsultations with Amrita Hospital made

Hulhumale' Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Tele consultations have been arranged with the Amrita Hospital in Kochi, India.

The arrangements were made by the Hulhumale’ Hospital and Aasandha Company Pvt Ltd. The country has been in a state of lockdown for more than a month. Medical services unavailable in the country have been difficult to obtain from abroad due to the travel restrictions. 

To alleviate the situation, an agreement to provide teleconsultations through Hulhumale’ Hospital was reached with Amrita Hospital.

The purpose of the arrangements was to assist those that require treatment from abroad until the situation with COVID-19 in the Maldives subsided. A special system established at the Hulhumale’ Hospital would allow consultations and treatment to move forward for such individuals.

The service will be available five days a week. Aasandha has permitted conditions involving Cardiovascular diseases, Oncology, Pediatric diseases, Surgery of neck and head, and Urology from abroad. The Aasandha scheme will also cover specialist consultations for those who cannot travel during this time.

The service is expected to be broadened and involve more hospitals later on, including health service facilities in atolls.