Immigration permits 301 foreigners to depart from Maldives

Photo shows foreign nationals at the Maldives Immigration office making arrangements to depart from the Maldives. (Photo/Immigration)

Maldives Immigration has permitted 285 Sri Lankan nationals in the Maldives to travel back to their nation.

Due to the travel restrictions across the world, difficulties have been faced where in some cases people are stranded in foreign nations. 

A tweet issued by the Maldives Immigration today stated that it had permitted a total of 301 individuals to depart from the country. Other than the Sri Lanka nationals two South Koreans and 14 Japanese nationals were permitted.

They will depart on special repatriation flights. The Japanese and Korean nationals will travel via the Sri Lanka route. 

The Maldives has so far confirmed 968 cases of the virus with four deaths. Sri Lanka has confirmed 916 cases of the virus with nine deaths. Japan, on the other hand, has confirmed more than 16,000 cases with 676 deaths. South Korea has confirmed almost 11,000 cases with 260 deaths. South Korea has also been praised worldwide for its approach in tackling the virus.