Excess dates to be distributed in quarantine facilities

Photo shows a shipment of Saudi Arabian donated dates to the Maldives. Saudi Arabia donated tons of dates to countries worldwide on the occasion of Ramadan almost every year. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Islamic Ministry of Maldives will be distributing the excess dates from the supply donated to the Maldives by Saudi Arabia in quarantine facilities and facilities designated for migrants in the country.

Councils across the country have until May 11 to obtain the dates from the Ministry and any excess dates will be distributed among such facilities, the Ministry stated.

On the occasion of Ramadan, the Saudi government as well as the UAE’s Khalifa Bin Zaid Al-Nahyan Foundation had donated dates to the Maldives. While some councils have received dates to be distributed in islands, there remain councils who have not done so.

The Ministry requested any council that wished to obtain the dates to do so before May 11. The Ministry also requested on councils to provide the dates to citizens as much as possible since the country was in a difficult situation in terms of the food supply.