Thieves hit Biz Mobile, stealing MVR 75,000 worth of merchandise

Biz Mobile.

MVR 75,000 worth of merchandise has been stolen from an electronics shop in Male’ City.

 The shop, Biz Mobile is located in Lonuziyaaraih Magu.

According to the police, the theft took place sometime between March 23 and 30.

The police have recovered MVR 62,000 worth of stolen merchandise, and have made two arrests.

The first suspect, identified as a 36-year-old Maldivian female, was arrested on March 30; and a second suspect, a 39-year-old Maldivian male, was arrested on March 31.

According to the police, the second suspect had been an offender who had been granted released by Maldives Correctional Service following rehab, and had been deemed abused the terms of his release and transferred back to the custody of Maldives Correctional Service on the same day of his arrest.

The theft remains under investigation by the police.

1,249 cases of theft have been reported to the police so far this year, out of which 118 cases were reported this April.