Dharavandhoo chief magistrate issued warning over multiple violations

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) headquarters. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Judicial Service Commission (JSC), on Monday, ruled the Chief Magistrate of B. Dharavandhoo Court, Ahmed Latheef, to have violated both the Judges Act and the Code of Ethics of Judges, and announced the decision to issue him a warning over the violations.

JSC, in a statement this morning, said it had opened an inquiry into Ahmed Latheef following a complaint over non-compliance with the court sick leave policy, and during the course of the inquiry, discovered multiple violations.

JSC said it found Ahmed Latheef to have violated Section 2 (b) of Judges Act, which establishes that judges must exhibit the highest standard of integrity, honesty, loyalty and ethics in the execution of their legal duties.

He was also found to have violated Section 33 (b) of Judges Act, which establishes that chief judges and magistrates had a responsibility towards establishing and executing policies and initiates towards the development of the courts under their charge.

Ahmed Latheef was also found to have failed to submit his financial declaration, as is required under Section 65 of Judges Act, and to have violated the Employment Act and the Code of Ethics for Judges.

He has been issued a warning over the violations, and asked to complete a mandatory training program.