Councils of Makunudhoo, Nilandhoo to release land for agriculture

Photo of a farmer watering the crops in A.A Thoddoo. (Sun File Photo)

The councils of H.Dh. Makunudhoo and F. Nilandhoo will release land from the islands for agricultural purposes on a temporary basis due to the situation with the Covid-19 virus faced by the country.

Vacant areas on the island of Makunudhoo such as the empty areas of the northern football field on the island will be released for agriculture. Agricultural work can also be conducted in the vacant lands adjacent to households of the island. The lands will be released free of charge for a period of one year.

Items that can be cultivated in the lands include tomatoes, Beetroot, Pineapples, Potatoes, Carrots, Beans, Brinjols, etc. Lands measuring 50 ft in the track area of the island will be released by a draw and each household will get a single plot, however, households with empty land (no constructed structures) will be exempted.

Further details regarding applications can be clarified via 9197994.

Land from F. Nilandhoo will also be released for a period of one year and only for short-term crops. Those who want to start agricultural works can submit their names at the council office from 10:00 to 14:00 every day except Friday.