Covid-19: Hulhule Island Hotel to be made into an isolation facility

Photo shows Hulhule Island Hotel in the island of Hulhule.

The government has announced that work was being undertaken to turn the Hulhule Island Hotel (HIH) into an isolation facility.

Government spokesperson Mabrouq Azeez made the announcement in a news conference today. He said that the people being kept in quarantine at the location were being moved to other facilities to change the hotel into an isolation facility.

According to the statistics, 574 people are being kept in the HIH for quarantine purposes and 19 were being kept in isolation at the facility.

Mabrouq said that the government’s aim was to keep people who are receiving treatment for long-term illnesses, elderly people and children, as close to the capital as possible in case of an emergency.

The Maldives has so far confirmed 13 cases of Covid-19, out of which five have made full recoveries. However, all 13 individuals are still being kept in quarantine as a safety measure and for further monitoring.