4 resorts, Fehendhoo reopened after suspected virus cases

Vilamendhoo Resort.

Four resorts and the local island of B. Fehendhoo has been reopened after the situations regarding the suspected cases of the Covid-19 from the islands were handled by the authorities.

The resorts closed include Bandos Island Resort, OBLU Sangeli, Dreamland Gasveli, and Anantara Dhigu Maldives. The local island of B. Fehendhoo was also reopened after the suspected case identified from the island tested negative for the disease.

In a tweet issued by HPA, all suspected cases from OBLU Sangeli, Bandos and Dreamland were declared as negative and the resorts, placed under monitoring mechanisms, were reopened as per government policy.

A single case of the disease was tested positive from Anantara Dhigu while two others from the island tested negative. The resort was reopened after the suspected case was moved to a designated facility.

The resort of Vilamendhoo was once again been placed in lockdown after another suspected case of the virus was identified. The island had a prior suspected case that later tested negative. The current suspected case was a foreigner in the resort.

Confirmed cases

  • Kuredu Island Resort: 5 cases
  • Sandies Bathala Resort: 2 cases
  • Kuramathi Island Resort: 2 cases
  • Anantara Dhigu Maldives: 1 case