Investigation into father's sexual abuse, death threats to daughter

Photo shows a march by citizens against child and sexual abuse in Male' city held on January 24, 2020. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Police have opened an investigation into a case where a father allegedly abused his daughter and threatened her on an island in the central region of Maldives.

Police spokesperson Izmia Zahir stated responded to a question by a journalist of “Sun” that such a case was under investigation and that no one has been arrested in the case so far.

No further details regarding the case were provided however, Izmia was responding to a question posed regarding audio that was leaked where a girl is heard detailing abuse she was subjected to.

The girl is heard saying that her father sexually abused her when she was alone and that her father had threatened to kill her if she spoke about the abuse. It is reported that her father was handed over to Police by some people from the district of Villimale last Thursday.

It is also reported that the man had been beaten up by an angry mob before he was taken to the Villimale hospital by Police. The mob then turned its attention to the hospital and caused damage to the hospital including smashing the windows of the hospital. Photos of the man later being taken onto a police speedboat were also widely circulated on social media later on.