BML alerts customers of fake emails

A woman using the Bank of Maldives' (BML) mobile internet banking application. November 1, 2019, BML alerts customers of phishing attempts through emails by scammers attempting to access account details. (Photo/BML)

Bank of Maldives (BML) has issued an alert regarding fake emails being sent in the name of BML to its customers.

BML stated that the phishing emails were sent claiming that they were a part of a routine security check and asked customers to click on a link to validate or authenticate the internet banking account. BML tweeted that it will never get in touch with its customers with email links to verify accounts or internet banking details.

Similar attempts were also made at the end of last year by scammers to access accounts by claiming to verify accounts through email. Such attempts have led to BML to conduct awareness programs for its customers to prevent falling victim to such scams.